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Play 2 Progress - Mix-up Animagnets


Picky mom? The Mix-Up Animagnets are the perfect toys for every toddler.  Designed by child development experts, they're eco-friendly, design-forward, and keep kids captivated.  

Research shows that simple toys like the Animagnets have a big advantage over toys with lights and sounds and screens (toys that play for kids!) in terms of language development, creativity and ideation, critical thinking, and motor skills. This toy has been designed to work on the core skills that will later allow your little one to do BIG things, and it comes with a booklet that explains all of those skills - big and small - to mom and dad. 

Features include:

  • Designed with magnets embedded in the wood - mix them up for endless imaginative possibilities!
  • Made with 100% hardwood to prevent dents, even if they're thrown across the room :)
  • Have been rigorously safety tested and passed every applicable test in the industry, because we've made them for the people who matter most to us
  • Made with 100% FSC®-certified sustainable wood, because we want to build a world we're proud to pass on to our kids

Recommended for ages 2+