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Tip Toe Joey Slippy Shoes - Mostarda ( Recycled materials)



This is the cotton canvas recycled sneaker with Bees Wax* – natural covering with bee wax that is hydrophobic – keeping canvas dry and clean. Comes with the exclusive Tip Toey Joey motif. *Using bees wax on fabric is a milennial technique seldom used nowadays. Tip Toey Joey is always pursuiting more natural and environmenta friendly substances – therefore our choice for Bees Wax.


• The original stretch&stay™ system which holds the foot in place
• Made of cotton canvas with recycled pet bottles, offering babies soft, natural and light shoes and wellness.
• The leather lining absorbs perspiration, keeping feet dry – fresh in Summer and warm in Winter
• The biodegradable and antibacterial shoe features a natural rubber insole, leather lining, and a memory-sole effect which returns to it's original form after wear
• The Flex&grip™ sole provides a flexible, non-slip sole to improve balance and confidence in your child's first steps - providing protection while giving that 'barefoot feeling'
• Elastic on the sides to help put on
• “Slip on” makes it easy to put on


The "Originals" has leather on part of the sole and friction with rough floors can damage it. To clean your Tip Toey Joey use only a damp cloth and mild soap. Don`t use water. Don`t put in the washing machine. Dry in the shade