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Tough Guys Have Feelings Too Book

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A boldly illustrated picture book read-aloud about how everyone gets sad—ninjas, wrestlers, knights, superheroes, everyone . . . even daddies have emotions!

Did you know wrestlers have feelings? And knights. Even superheroes and ninjas feel sad sometimes. In fact everyone has feelings—especially dads who love their children!

Children will love recognizing their feelings in Keith Negley’s bold illustrations which accompany a fun-to-read-aloud narrative.

Parents can joyfully engage with children in a lighthearted discussion about emotions and how they affect us all!


A simple, stylishly illustrated picture book […] This appealing book makes the timely decision to hold the conversation about male emotions while everyone involved is in costume, performing some iconically macho role.
The New York Times

The title says it all. These tough guys are rendered in simple lines and shapes and colored in black and white, red, blue, and yellow, but they represent a broad range of virility. […] Negley’s debut is nonetheless sincere.
Kirkus Reviews

In this oddly touching ode to male sensitivity, Negley shows that the toughest, coolest, and most heroic of men sometimes cry—and that’s okay. […] Negley cleverly depicts a range of emotions, validating that not only does everyone have feelings but it is perfectly fine to express them. Rather than try to teach kids what emotions are, this book focuses on emotional health in a unique and eye-catching way.

A short and straightforward story that challenges the traditional notion that men shouldn’t express their emotions.
School Library Journal

With minimal text and a dozen illustrations, [Keith Negley] speaks volumes about how even the biggest and strongest men get sad sometimes and cry. […] this book is a great way to have your child talk about feelings, and recognize their universality.
—Montreal Gazette

Bold and graphic, Negley’s gorgeous picture book gives kids the opportunity to reflect on the normalcy of emotions, giving little readers (and their parents) the chance to take heart —having feelings, even sad ones, doesn’t mean you aren’t as brave or tough as a superhero.
—National Post

This is without doubt, the perfect book to get children to open up about their feelings and emotions. […] With bold and bright images this will appeal to any audience, but it will undoubtedly catch the eye of a younger age group.
—Picture Books Blogger