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Kiinde Twist system review

The mom who sits and pumps breastmilk is a true hero in my book because she is working so hard to give her baby the best.  Pumping  breastmilk is no easy task and when you are exclusively pumping for your baby it can be very exhausting and stressful.   The cycle of pumping and then… Read more »

Caro Bambino Review from

 Caro Bambino By: Kathy Copcutt Have you ever wondered what an Italian Childrens store might look like? Italian Children stores are white, clean, welcoming, the feeling you get when walking in is exclusivity and knowing you will find unique pieces to complete your nursery. This is what you will find at Caro Bamino located on the hustle and… Read more »

Eastside, Westside: 2 New Shops For Kids That Wow

Eastside, Westside: 2 New Shops For Kids That Wow by:Meghan Rose   Caro Bambino While over on the Westside, Caro Bambino has landed on Main St. in Santa Monica. This meticulously curated store was created to be a “One-Stop” shop full of beautiful and well made nursery furniture, clothing, and gear. For parents, by parents… Read more »

Como Tomo Bottle Review

For those moms lucky enough to successfully breastfeed their babies without having to purchase a single bottle or a single box of formula I sincerely tip my hat.  One of the biggest challenges for me as a new mother was to master the art of breastfeeding my child.  When I meet new moms I now… Read more »

Baby Stroller Guide how to pick your stroller??

How to pick your first stroller?? We bring you our new baby stroller guide. when it comes to strollers it’s very difficult to take and option since there’s so many different ones, it can be hard for the first time to get you hand’s on one that suits your needs perfectly. so here’s a guide so you… Read more »

How Do I Choose the Best Crib for my Baby?

If you are a new or soon-to-be parent, this question has undoubtedly been on your mind. First, you have to consider that is not simply an element decorating the nursery; the baby will be spending long periods of time in there, so it should be perfect, not just from a designing perspective but for the… Read more »

Start your Baby Registry gift list now!!

      Have a bundle a joy on the way? Start your baby registry gift list today at Caro Bambino. We have everything you need and more

Summer Baby Essentials

Summer Baby Essentials Summer is officially here! It’s time for beach days, walks in the park, and fun outdoor adventures for the whole family. Caro Bambino has everything you need to give your little ones a safe, healthy, happy summertime. Baby Jogger City Mini GT   $349.99 Honest Swim Diapers  $13.95 Paxley Sunglasses  $40.00 Ekobo Beach Toys … Read more »

The Caro Bambino Baby Boutique joins Safe Ducky!

The Caro Bambino Baby Boutique joins Safe Ducky! By: Safe Ducky I’m proud to announce that the Caro Bambino Baby Boutique in Santa Monica is the latest Safe Ducky member store. The Caro Bambino team – Cole, Vilma, Nicole and Andro – offer everything you might need for the baby in your life, from strollers… Read more »