Gift Registry

We have partnered with so you can place all of the items that you want onto one universal gift registry. Create your master gift list and share your single manageable registry with family and friends. If you need any assistance please contact us to


- You want to create an account on Babylist.

- Once the account is created and you have the Babylist page open in your browser, you are going to open another tab and go to

- At this point you can start browsing for the product you want to add to the Babylist, once you find one, click on the button 'add to Babylist'.

- A Pop up window will open with some information, we always recommend on the color section to write the color you wanted since sometimes it could be confusing for some people.

- When you confirm, your product will be automatically added to your registry and you are all set to keep browsing for more.



You can check our baby registry checklist here!