Baby Palm - An adventure in growth

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Baby Palm learns that in order to grow, he must let go of what he no longer needs. The book contains a fictional story followed by a non-fiction section on how palm trees grow, the history of palm trees and humans, geography, the phases of the moon, and eye spy activities for the youngest readers.    

  • Beautifully illustrated 10"x10" hardcover book 
  • 36 page picture book with 24 pages of story, 8 pages of non-fiction educational content, and 2 pages of eye spy game
  • Audiobook included (link to download) 
  • Ages: 2-8  


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 Praise for Baby Palm

In the beautifully illustrated series: Baby Palm - an Adventure in GrowthLittle Palm - Growing with Animal Friends; and Young Palm - Storms to Rainbows, are three endearing books that follow the life of a baby royal palm tree who is born on a tropical island in the Caribbean and lives there with his father and grandmother. 

Children are introduced to the fascinating stages of the palm tree's growth and at the same time to the concept of growing up and the challenges that come with this process. There is also terrific bonus content to be found at the end of each book. "For the infinitely curious polymath," the author has included fun facts and trivia related to the three separate stories. In addition, there is the "Eye Spy'' activity page and parents can challenge their young readers to search for letters of the alphabet, numbers, and all sorts of cleverly hidden creatures and objects on the preceding pages. Each picture book has a clear beginning, middle, and end and can be a stand-alone read, but to truly appreciate the beauty of the message of the series, and to learn more about the little palm tree's journey, reading all three is highly recommended. 

     - Boriana Todorov, author of The Moon Rock and Oliver's Tantrums 

As a preschool, K, and 1st grade teacher, I use the Baby Palm series in my classroom. The stories and vibrant illustrations are sweet and teach valuable lessons about sharing and helping. The stories foster a love and respect for nature, while the non-fiction section teaches the science. I recommend the books for families with siblings of different ages and for mixed-grade classrooms because each book has content that appeals at different levels. 

      - F. Brown, PreK -  1st grade teacher 

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