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Natural Sheep's Wool Skin Pad

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100% Natural Sheep Skin sourced from the Patagonian Region of Magallanes, south Chile. The sheep are sustainably sourced and undergo a lengthy quality control process. Such proprieties make the skin an incredibly unique product for your baby's natural upbringing. 

No sheep is sacrificed for its commercialization, they are instead sourced from animals raised for feeding purposes.

Size: 20 x 30 inches approximately 


The sheep's skin is thermoregulator, keeping the baby warm on winter and cool on summer. Also allows the baby's skin to breathe, diminishing chance of sweating, and therefore possible colds.


The sheep's wool is rich in lanolin, naturally impermeable. The air flows through its fibers, creating a pocket of air that keeps your baby's skin dry.


The sheep's skin is a electrical semiconductor, creating a calming effect, eliminating the muscular tension and stimulating the circulation in the tissues. 


Being 100% protein, the skin creates an environment unfavorable to the development of bacteria, keeping your baby safe from infirmities.