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ComoTomo Replacement Nipple Pack - Fast Flow



Need extra bottle nipples? No problem. This two pack of fast flow nipples is designed for 6+ months, made of 100% silicone and can get up to 180℃ / 356℉.

Our nipples are designed to closely mimic breastfeeding and make the transition from nursing to bottle feeding as seamless as possible. Each nipple has two built-in vents to prevent colic, while eliminating any leaking.

Compatible with ComoTomo 5oz or 8oz bottle. Bottle not included.



Slow Flow: (1 Hole) 0-3 months

Medium Flow: (2 Hole) 3-6 months

Fast Flow: (3 Hole) 6+ months

Variable Flow: (Y-Cut) 6+ months (thicker fluids)