Wawi Bonding Necklace and Lovey

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This harmony necklace carries a fascinating history rooted in ancient Mexican and Indonesian cultures. It holds a round pendant with a tiny metal ball inside that produces a calming sound. In Mayan legends, it was called the “Angel Caller”, believed to call upon the wearer's guardian angel for lifelong protection and companionship.

Given as a traditional gift to pregnant women, the necklace acts as a comforting charm during pregnancy. Its gentle chime also helps newborns find peace by reminding them of the cozy womb. Passed down to the baby, it signifies comfort and security, either near the cradle or within their soft blanket.

Our necklace hangs longer - with an additional jumpring to adjust length - allowing the pendant to rest close to the mom's belly, creating a gentle connection between mother and baby.
After the birth of the baby, this removable ball is placed into our 100% Peruvian pima cotton lovey’s head, so the baby can continue to listen to the soothing chime.

This tradition has made a comeback. It's not just for moms-to-be anymore; people worldwide appreciate its significance. It's a beautiful symbol of the unbreakable bond between a mother and child. Whether you're expecting or not, it's a heartfelt gift, representing protection, love, and an everlasting connection passed through generations.
- Necklace: 14K gold plated brass necklace lead and nickel free in a 43" chain length adjustable to 37" to wear shorter. After the birth of the baby you can remove the chain and add the ball to the head of the lovey.
How to take care of our necklace:
Make sure to avoid contact with water/moisture, harsh chemicals, perfume & lotion. To ensure longevity, safely store your necklace in the wawi jewelry pouch provided.

Lovey: Our love is made out of 100% organic pima cotton in the shape of a koala. 

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