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Oh, the ever-growing pregnant belly. It’s beautiful and truly remarkable what our bodies are capable of. I was not afraid of getting a big belly but I did want to help my body out as much as possible so I would have a good chance of looking like my fit-self once again. I tried a few products but my favorite one I used every night before bed was Mother Love Belly Oil. I loved this so much I’ve been known to send it to friends when they start seeing their new little bump. I didn’t wear this during the day as the oil needs time to dry or it will seep into your clothes a bit but I didn’t care about that at night. Oil is really easy to rub into your skin so I’d lather it onto my belly, hips and my lower back. It not only helps reduce your chance of getting stretch marks but it feels incredible and is lightly scented with lavender and chamomile which are both really soothing smells before bed.


During the day, I used Mother Love Belly Salve. It has the same yummy scent but it’s thicker than the oil and moisturizes your dry, itchy, stretched skin with shea butter and beeswax. It also doesn’t need time to dry so you can put clothes on right after moisturizing. I don’t have another pregnancy to compare my experience to but I used both of these products from the moment I saw my belly start to stretch and my skin is smooth, healthy and stretch-mark free. We’ll see how it goes the next time around but I plan to use both of these great products again.

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Whether you care about stretch marks or not, your skin will probably get pretty itchy near the end of your pregnancy so I’d recommend using something to alleviate the frustration of the constant itch. Since this product was going so close to where my baby was living I not only wanted it to be good for my skin but I also wanted it to be good for my baby and Mother Love uses all natural organic ingredients so it just made me feel better knowing I was looking out for both of us.

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