FEATURE FRIDAY'S with the Nook Mattress, The Lite

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The key to a good night’s sleep is a good mattress, right? Well if you want you and your baby to rest easy it doesn’t get much better than Nook. This was a really easy choice for me. I found out about this mattress while working at Caro Bambino so I was able to learn about all the wonderful reasons this eco-friendly mattress is good for your little one way before I needed one of my own. I was able to hear rave reviews from regular customers and educate parents-to-be that were in search of the perfect mattress. There are a few key reasons this mattress stood out to me; it’s dual sided which means you use the firm side for your infant and when they grow into their toddler years you can flip it over for a softer mattress. This also means you won’t need to purchase a new mattress until they are ready for a big kid bed. Another feature I love is the cover. The organic cotton and eucalyptus blend let’s this cover be soft, breathable and moisture wicking which will keep you little one cool and cozy. It also zips on for a super snug fit and you don’t need anything else, no waterproof cover or sheets, this means less laundry! It’s also machine washable and naturally water and stain resistant which makes cleaning up after those inevitable blow-outs or spit ups a little easier on you. It’s not necessary, but I purchased an additional cover so we’d always have a clean one on hand. The color options are also stunning and should match just about any nursery theme you’re going for. This is the only mattress we’ve ever used with Abigail so I don’t have another to compare it to but she has slept through the night since she was about two months old and I like to think Nook was part of the reason. They offer a few different mattress options so check them all out, I loved The Lite but I’d stand behind any of their products. So, if you are looking for a long night’s sleep for you and your little one, I’d give Nook a try.

By Caitlin


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