FEATURE FRIDAY with the Fresco High Chair, Hooray!

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Hello readers! I am thrilled to be kicking off these weekly product reviews with one of my all-time favorite products we purchased for our daughter, Abigail. I never thought an item as basic as a high chair could be so instrumental in how well our daughter eats. Let me walk you through my process of how I came to choose the Fresco High Chair by Bloom.


I was first turned onto this high chair because our dining table is counter height so my search was narrow to begin with, as there are not many adjustable options out there. Once I looked into this chair further I realized it is so much more than your average high chair. Since our baby was obviously going to be the most special person we were bringing into our home, shouldn’t her chair be the most special also?!


Here’s where my search stopped, you can use this high chair starting at birth. Why is this so important? Abigail has been up at the table with us, observing us eat since she was first born. I completely think this is the reason she is such a curious, patient, well rounded eater today. We are able to look her in the eye and engage with her throughout our meal and now during her own meals. We explain everything to her; what we’re eating, how it tastes, how we use a fork, why we all eat together. We want her to love meal time as much as we do. I think this time together with your family is extremely important and I want her to understand that.


You cannot ignore how this high chair looks. It instantly stands out from all the rest. It will be a statement piece in any dining area. It is also customizable in many different colors adding a fun design element to your space.


As far as function goes it has it all. It has a 360-degree swivel which gets used at every meal as we put her in the chair and swivel towards the table so she can fully engage. There are two trays; the first is small and meant for before meal play time. Sometimes she has a book or stuffed animal to play with while she waits for her food. The second, larger tray, clicks on top. When this tray goes on it’s clear that it’s time to eat and toys go away. The materials used are all easy to clean which is huge since we wash the chair, trays and seat pad three times a day. We went with a white chair and white seat pad and both still look brand new after 13 months of use.


The cost is the only reason I hesitated buying this chair right away. It was more than I had expected to pay for a high chair. I am not an extravagant spender and with a baby on the way I knew we would be spending a lot more than we were used to. Since nobody I knew owned this high chair I read as many reviews as I could and I thought and thought and thought. I tend to think if you can’t stop thinking about something it may be a sign that it’s worth trying out. Well it was worth it, every penny.


I have convinced a few new mom friends to add this high chair to their home and I hope I can do the same with you – or at least give you something to consider. There are so many baby products to think about when you’re preparing to welcome your little one into your home and it can all get really overwhelming. I believe there are only a few essentials you need until you get to know your little peanut and what he or she likes. I promise you, this is one of those essentials. You will not be disappointed!



About me:

  I will be sharing product reviews and my experiences through pregnancy and becoming a new mom with you all. A little about me; I was born in New Hampshire, went to school in Boston for Interior Design and then moved out to Los Angeles in 2003 in the search of more sunshine. I met my husband, Travis, out here almost eleven years ago and we had our baby girl, Abigail, last January.

I am a graphic designer specializing in weddings, events and corporate digital design. I am always open to new experiences and opportunities and am thrilled to be contributing my new mom knowledge to all of you.

I started working at Caro Bambino when I was going through a tough time getting pregnant. I thought being around so many excited, positive people would help me though my process and it did. I gained knowledge, confidence and comfort through our incredible customers.

Today I work for myself and take care of our 14-month-old daughter. Being a mom is the best and hardest job I will ever have and I’m so glad I get to share part of my story with all of you.

 By Caitlin 

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