FEATURE FRIDAY with the Como Tomo Bottles

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Trying to predict what baby bottle your little one will want to use before they even enter this world is next to impossible. I kept hearing stories about fussy babies refusing to eat because they didn’t like the bottle option. My approach? I had about six different options I was going to offer Abigail, I was way over prepared as may new moms are. I unpacked all of them and neatly arranged them in the kitchen. I remember looking at the selection feeling so prepared and organized, two qualities I don’t usually pride myself in but with this baby, I was not holding back anything.


I have to admit, I did have an instant favorite because I love how it looks. I am a sucker for an interesting design that stands out from the rest. If the function meets the form then we are golden! My favorite was the Como Tomo bottle because of its unique rounded shape and soft, silicone material. I loved how it felt in my hand so I just had to assume Abigail would as well. I believe texture is really important to infants since they are exploring all of their senses when they enter this world. Their sense of touch is actually the first one to fully develop in the womb. They come into this world ready to feel things; soft, squishy, rough, bumpy – it’s all interesting.  There aren’t many bottles out there with this soft texture and it’s really easy for their tiny hands to grasp although we held it for her until she was ready to hold it on her own. My husband also loved resting the bottle on his chin so he didn’t have to hold it.


When Abigail was about one month old we decided to try a bottle. I was not having a great experience with breastfeeding so I wanted to know that there was another option for us. We tried the Como Tomo bottle with some formula to see if she liked both the bottle and the formula. We also had my husband give her the first bottle so she wouldn’t always expect to be fed by me. I wanted her to be able to take the bottle from both of us. Instant success. I felt a huge weight lifted when she responded so well to these changes. It was as if nothing had changed, she was getting fed and that’s all that mattered. I know this is not always the case and I’m not sure why she adapted so well and so quickly so I can only speak to my own experience. As I’ve learned, everyone has very different experiences with their baby and the best we can do is experiment until we find something that works for us.


Abigail is now fifteen months old and using the larger size Como Tomo bottle with the medium flow nipple. We used the slow flow nipple for quite a long time, probably for at least 8 months even though the package says 0-3 months. It just seemed like she was getting too big a mouthful when we tried to switch it up. She’s now used to the medium flow and downs two large bottles a day.


So, if you are starting to collect bottle options for you little one I would defiantly add this one to your list, and maybe one other… not five.


Best of luck!


 By Caitlin 


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