FEATURE FRIDAY with Ergobaby Omni 360

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To carry or not to carry? Your first question when thinking about a baby carrier is, do I want to try this? You will most likely already be set on getting a stroller. The other two options for getting your baby around besides in your arms is a baby carrier or a wrap. A baby carrier has straps, buckles and is formed for your baby, a wrap is a really long piece of material that you wrap around yourself and the baby until they are all snugged in, a bit more work but a really nice option for the first couple months. It’s really hard to know if you’re going to like any of this until you try it. Since I wasn’t sure, I purchased all of the above – a carrier, a wrap and a stroller.
Before Abigail came, Ergo had just come out with a new carrier called the Omni 360. The thing that sets this carrier apart from their others is that you don’t need to use an insert for the infant stage. The other model has a separate piece you have to place at the bottom of the seat to prop up your little one. This one has adjustable buttons for each stage instead, less pieces to lose. This carrier also has four positions; front facing you, front facing out, side and back, good to have options.
Now, I have to be totally honest, Abigail did not like this at first. She would cry as I was fumbling around trying to fit her in and adjust the straps on me all the while making sure she didn’t hit the ground. Few tips, practice over carpet or something soft, with a partner and in front of a mirror if you can. Not that she ever fell, but better on carpet than hardwood. Let’s not ruin everyone’s day. The first few times I just gave up and put her in the stroller and off we went but one day I was determined to get this carrier to work. I had seen so many moms walking around hands free with happy babies snuggled in a carrier. We could do this. So, on this day, I went through three shirts and Abigail went through two before we left the house as she just kept on spitting up… no problem, I can handle this. Five shirts later, we were all tucked in comfortably and we were off on a walk! To top it all off, she fell asleep along the way and I got a latte and muffin in my two free hands which hadn’t been free in many months. For some reason, this made me feel a little like myself again.
Abigail came to absolutely love the carrier. We had her face me until she was able to hold her head up on her own, then she was facing out seeing the world. She was almost at eye level with everyone which made interacting with people on our walks so much more fun for both of us.
This was also a key piece in travelling. I used the carrier in two different instances. The first time was on a trip to Hawaii when she was five months old. She was still able to fall asleep in the carrier so when it was time for her to nap on the plane I put her in and bounced her while I walked up and down the aisle. I was then able to slide back into my seat and sip on a glass of wine while she napped. Again, feeling a bit more like myself again. The other time it came in handy was when I travelled back to Maine to visit my family with her on my own. There are about thirty-five steps a mom on her own has to do while going through security at the airport. Having your baby strapped to your body leaving both hands free makes everything a thousand times easier.
So, long story short, I love this carrier so much. I would highly recommend putting it at the top of your registry. It is a must have.


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