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Now, if you were to ask my mother about essential baby products there is no way a soft cushion that turns the sink into a bathtub would make her list. It may sound like a bit of a luxury but this product was nothing short of essential in our house. Since our little ones can’t hold their heads up on their own right away it’s nice to have something that will cradle them during bath time.


There are two directions you can go with an infant bath; a sink tub or a smaller bathtub that gets placed into your tub. I chose the sink tub from Puj because I liked being able to stand up while bathing Abigail. It was easier on my back and I loved being at eye level with her, allowing me to really engage.


Bathtime didn’t start off smoothly but it wasn’t due to our tub choice. We were just new parents that did not know the first thing about how to bathe a baby. We stumbled a bit but that’s just the way it goes – you dive in head first and make little tweaks along the way until everyone is comfortable. We started slow, about 2-3 baths a week. By about two months old we were giving her nightly baths. This is also the time she started sleeping through the night on her own. I believe our bedtime routine is the main reason she slept so well. It was calming and predictable giving her something she could count on every night.


Back to why I love this particular bath. First, it’s all one piece and it lays flat to dry. It’s also made from a closed-cell foam so does not absorb water allowing it to dry quickly and it won’t collect mold or mildew. We put up a hook in our shower and it hung there each night to drip dry. It has two magnets inside the foam making it extremely easy to create two folds that fit into almost any kitchen sink. It’s simple and light as a feather. You won’t be fussing around trying to put it together, no need to read a manual or watch a YouTube video. This tub is easy and straightforward, words I wish we could use to describe all baby products.


We used this tub for quite a while because I just got so used to our routine and Abigail seemed so comfortable. We moved her into the sink at about eight months which allowed her to be able to splash around and spread out a bit more. So, our days of the infant bath are over for now but I will bring it back out when we have our next baby. It’s still in perfect condition and stores flat so doesn’t take up much storage space.


All in all, there is nothing I would change about this bath. It completely lived up to my expectations and I got so much use out of it which isn’t always the case for baby products. So, search no further – this is your tub.


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