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Ahhh the diaper change, nobody wants to do it but every parent has to, a lot. I had only changed one diaper before we had a baby but the day we came home from the hospital I considered myself an expert. When Abigail was first born, I felt like half my day was spent at our diaper changing table. You will go through lots of diapers, whether using disposable or cloth you will be using a changing pad a lot. I had heard of the Keekaroo Peanut Changer because I worked at Caro Bambino but I didn’t yet know what a difference it would make in our diaper-filled lives. We were gifted it from a mama friend at our baby shower. This changing pad made our hectic, sleep-deprived, messy days just that much easier.  The main reason this changing pad far surpasses any others is that you can wipe it clean. There is NO LAUNDRY to be done. With blowouts and pee we would have been changing a cover 5-8 times some days. Who needs that kind of poop filled laundry piling up? We keep a mild cleaning spray and some rags close by so we are ready for any mess that comes our way. When this pad gets messy mid diaper change there’s no need to stop the whole production to change the cloth cover, replace it and then get your baby back onto the pad. Simply lift baby, wipe clean and plop her right back down. It really is that easy. A lot of things baby related sound easy but as soon as you’re in the thick of it, on two-hours of sleep, covered in pee… just don’t live up to your expectations but this product does, every time. It has a sleek design that never gets compromised by use and blends well in a modern nursery. It also comes with a strap to keep your baby in place but we have never used it. There’s a pretty large lip to the pad that keeps her cradled in and I am always right there, just in case she gets adventurous, which these days is quite often. We also hung a red bird that her uncle made right above the changing table which helps entertain her and keeps her lying flat. The material is soft and slightly squishy and is water resistant, preventing mold or deterioration.


All in all, I would recommend this product to anyone with a baby. Abigail is 15 months old and its wipe-clean aspect still comes in handy and makes my life easier. Anything that can make my day a little bit calmer and less frantic gets my vote. I encourage you to try this out and see what a difference it can make in your day.


By Caitlin

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